No Pain, All Day ... Almost!

Woo-hoo! Like Tigger, I'm feelin' fantastical!

Hardly had any shoulder and arm pain or tingling in the fingers all day Tuesday. And Tuesday is the day I spend the most time at a desk without moving around which has been my worst scenario for the shoulder pain and tingling.

I was optimistic about getting some relief via physical therapy but I didn't expect to have such dramatic results in such a short time! I've only had 2 visits to the PT. I have also been doing some exercises that they gave me. They only take a few minutes, 3 times a day.

The revelation for me has been that my neck is the primary problem and not the shoulder. That is, I DO have shoulder and arm problems and they ARE being addressed with some of the exercises I do on my own, but the severe pain and numbness that brought me to the doc is caused by a pinched nerve coming out of my neck vertebrae. That, like the road less traveled, has made all the difference.

Now, if I do feel the tingling fingers or the ache in the arm I do a simple "chin tuck" to open up some space between the neck vertebrae and relieve the pressure on that nerve. It's simple, quick, unobtrusive and can be done anytime, anywhere.

My expectations have certainly been exceeded in this instance and I am greatly relieved to know that I am not on my way to a crippling arthritic condition.

At least not yet! ;-)

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  1. Melinda Says:

    I was observing you on Tuesday sitting at your desk and your tallness is definitely contributing to your "crunching up"! Not much you can do about that, I suppose.