A Big Shock!

Well, I suppose I have a chest cold. Very slow progression, though. Just a little incessant throat clearing for a couple of days, now occassional coughing and the tight feeling in the chest. Don't really feel "sick" but after a day of it, I do feel kind of dragged down.

So, another day I opted to skip a workout. I did do a few shoulder exercises though. I am just doing 3 right now. As I get comfortable that I'm using correct form, I will add another and another and so on.

I did a new rotator stretch and strengthening exercise today and did it in front of the mirror with a short sleeve t-shirt on so I could see my arms. I had quite a shock. While both arms are disconcertingly skinny, the right one has this flab hanging down ... like an old person! Horrors!

I've always had weak arms. All my life. I remember as a kid having a hard time doing those overhead bars in the playground. In army basic training, I barely got through arm-swinging those overhead bars on the final PT test.

I guess that's why I'm having these problems now.

I've tried to build up my arms and shoulders at the gym before but I haven't been consistent enough or I try too hard, too fast and hurt something.

Got to do something about it!

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  1. Melinda Says:

    Well, if it makes you feel better you do have enviable hair!