Yes, I know, I've been derelict in my duty. I haven't written anything since way back in October. Mea culpa! Lazy.
I have thought of a few good reasons to write but nothing inspiring enough to overcome my inertia.
Until today that is.
Get ready.
Yes, they finally did it. I've been waiting for 2 years.
I'm sure you don't remember unless you are a local rider but I have complained in past posts that they have been paving back roads all over the town of Bethlehem for the last 2 years but not Hurst road which was definitely one of the worst if not THE worst road in the county! (Tygert Rd. is pretty rough but and least it's consistent and it's not in the town of Bethlehem). My big gripe is that they paved roads through developments that didn't really need it and neglected the rest of Game Farm Road and Hurst.
But they finally did it and it's wonderful.
The thing is, no matter which direction you approach it from there are some pretty good downhills and you can and you certainly want to get going pretty quick. But it was so rough and inconsistent too so it was kind of dangerous. You could get into a bad rut and get into trouble. There were no actual potholes but a lot of patches and wide cracks almost big enough to catch a skinny tire.
One time one of my computer sensors got shaken loose.
So wow, it was pure joy today. It was hard to realize I could go as fast as I want, I'm so used to going cautiously.
Hey, I guess you have to be a rider to appreciate this! ;-)