That's ree-zoom not reh-zoo-may. It's been since the end of last ski season, March 2012 that I last posted here. I'm going to post about other things than just fitness but they are things that are fun for me at least.
Previously I thought to stay focused on the fitness things for the sake of my public, all 4 of you (hi, mom!) but really, I don't think any of you care, do you?
So I may also include things I'm doing with music or anything else that interests me. I can always think about things to write while I'm doing them but when it comes time to actually commit them to "paper" ... well i'm lazy. So, we'll see.
Ski season is about to begin for Mrs. MTBMan1 and I. First scheduled day is Mt. Snow. I bought new skis this year which are my first brand new ones. The ones I had before I bought used and last year I rented. The new ones are Atomic Nomad Intruders which I got online from Levelnine Sports. $269 with bindings and free shipping! They look great and got all good reviews. I am psyched to try them out. They are rockered and a little wider underfoot than my other skis, 77mm.

Musically I am all over the map. Mostly I have been recording Mrs. MtBMan1's original songs and having a blast with that. I don't write much myself but love to develop my wife's songs which I think are great and unique. I am using garage band on a macbook pro with a Line6 GuitarPort for an audio interface. I'll post a pic of the "studio" at some point.