Hertz Donut

Today I figured I'd better do something (fitness-wise, that is) so I decided to take a 1/2 hour run after I got out of work (4pm).
The way I look at it, I've got about 1/2 hour of decent daylight right now to do something outdoors and 1/2 hour of running is probably a better workout than 1/2 hour of cycling. Although now as I write that I realize I could just up the intensity of the cycling.

Anyhow, there's less prep for me to just strap on my heart-rate monitor and run out the door (and change my shirt, and setup my gps, sigh.)

I could run longer than the daylight holds out too since I feel more comfortable running facing traffic than riding a bike with traffic in the dark (I need a new blinky-light for the bike too, my current one goes off during use).

I walked 5 minutes as a warm-up, then ran for 20 and then cooled down for another 5.

I intended to take it easy but boy after two weeks of doing nothing (my last significant sore-makin' activity was one day of skiing on the 16th) my quads are killing me!

So I'm quite pleased with today's activity. I ran for 2.25 miles in 30 minutes (includes 10min of walking) with an average heart rate of 125.

Tomorrow, I may just walk to recover. If I'm feeling this sore now, it should be a killer tomorrow. Now that I mention it, I'm starting to feel my calves too. Better do some stretching before going to bed or I may wake up with a massive charlie horse!

Now that hurts, don' it?

Here's the route I took, it's on gpsed.com:

run 12-28-2009 | Author Ghalbedel | free Mobile GPS Tracking Service

A New Pain

I've said it before, I like pain. Lest you refer me to counseling or even intervention, I must elaborate.

The kind of pain I like is that well earned pain obtained from exercise to the point of muscle failure. In this case, the pain is desirable in that it indicates athletic progress is being made. Torn muscle fibers will repair themselves and overcompensate so that they are stronger than before.

So, I like the pain for that reason, i.e. I know I'm getting stronger.

The kind of pain you don't want is injury pain, joint or cartilage damage. That indicates a problem that must be remedied.

Since I went skiing on Wednesday my hamstrings have been killing me. The left leg in particular feels like it want to cramp up although it hasn't. I've never felt this after skiing or biking before. Usually it's the quads.

I wonder if it's because of the falls I took Wednesday or perhaps doing a too challenging run before I was properly warmed up. I was really exhausted after my second run of the day and had to take a break before I could continue.

So this is a new one. But an additional reason that I like proper skiing soreness is that it reminds me of the pleasure of the activity, a "euphoric recall" if you will.

I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to generate some "pain".

Why Johnny can't ski ...

More precisely, why is MTBMan1 a train wreck on skis the first day of the season?

I've got to find a good way to warm up on the slope within the first couple of runs.

Today was our first day of the season and we went to Windham, a friendly little hill we are fond of in the Catskill Mountains of New York, about 50 minutes away from our home.

We first went on a green trail to warm up and even there I was not feeling stable on the skis. Nothing was groomed but they were making a lot of snow so you had soft stuff piled up here and there and icy patches around too.

For the second run, we intended to do another green but got on the wrong lift by mistake and had to take a blue down. That was tough. Again soft stuff and icy patches ... unpredictable. On the plus side, I got lots of practice getting up from falls. It exhausted me and I had to take a fifteen minute break in an Adirondack chair before I could continue.

After that things improved. They kept making snow and it was windy so it got blown around and seemed to make a more even layer of packed powder over all. Sherbert snow I call it. Creamy. mmmmmm. Plus they groomed one of the green runs and it held up the rest of the day.

So I wound up having fun finally.

But here's the kicker. Mrs. MTBMan1 had no problem at all. After the third run she says "I got my ski legs back". ("Shut up!") And she's still faster than me no matter what I do. Here were my rationalizations:
1. I'm fat
2. I'm old
3. My skis are too long.
4. she has better skis.
5. I'm heavier than she is

Maybe she's just a better natural skier, hmmm?

This happens every ski day, though. I'm just terrible on the first couple of runs,i.e. NOT HAVING FUN! Of course I continue 'cause I know from experience that it will get better.

Maybe this will be the impetus I need to get back in the gym.

Anyway I've GOT to find a better way to warm up.


OK. I've got to get back with the program. Since daylight savings, I have dropped closer and closer to zero miles per week of riding. The weekend is the only time I get a ride in, if that.

I may have to get to the gym at 5:45AM. Ugh!

Today, at any rate, I did get a ride in. It was a bit on the cool side and I think I overdid it on the layers. I was sweating but cold on the skin, if that makes any sense.

I rode the Trek MTB mainly so I could wear regular hiking boots with 2 pairs of socks, my thin ski socks and then a pair of "SmartWools" over that (the Trek has regular pedals so I don't have to wear the bike shoes with cleats).

The Trek is problematic because the seat post keeps slipping down making pedaling more difficult. I got an extended length seat post for it because the frame is small for me but my LBS guy couldn't find me a post of the right diameter so we had to go with a shim. I think the metal of the shim is too slippery or something. It just won't stay extended and it really kills my quads as the post gets shorter and shorter during the ride. I've got the clamp as tight as I can get it. I may try going back to the regular post. It's shorter but at least it stays put (I think).

And let's not talk about my weight!

But on the bright side .... we're going skiing next Wednesday! :-) Maybe I'll have pics.