Nice Day at Gore Today

This Missus and I had a nice day today at Gore Mtn. in North Creek, NY. Thanks to $12 lift tix from iSkiNY (Ski Areas of NY, Inc.). They started this last year with one day, Jan 10th and expanded it this year to 2 days. We took advantage of both and went to Gore both times. Gore doesn't offer any other deals that meet our criteria ($30 max).
Today started out really cold, windy and overcast. Single digits, wind chill sub zero, etc. etc. But later in the AM to afternoon the sun came out, wind died down and the temps went up to a scorching 19 degrees (at the base that is, i don't know what it was at the top).
The surface was "variable" as they say which means watch out for ice but there was soft snow to be found. That's the usual mission here in the east, find the good snow.
Sunway was pretty good but that's usually the most crowded. Wind in the AM was brutal on Top Ridge. Almost blew you off the trail.
I found a nice stash on Quicksilver which is a blue square off Sunway, un groomed and whales. Nobody else on it. Later in the day it was more scraped off in places, the whales had become moguls and it was more crowded. Almost lost it right at the end otherwise I did okay. I even enjoy negotiating a few bumps if the snow is worth it.
We took 2 trips up to the high peaks area for the view. One run down Cloud and another down Headwaters to catch the Straight Brook Quad to the top. Cloud was OK. One icy steep section that wasn't too fun. Headwaters had all the snow guns going.
Echo was the only run open in the Burnt Ridge area. Was kind of scratchy. There is one section that is black diamond level steep. It would be ok if the snow was good. I keep trying it each visit. One day the snow will be right and it will be a fantastic run.
My favorite run of the day was Twister.  There was soft snow all the way down and it's wasn't too steep. Did that one twice.
Mrs. MTBMan1 usually likes the Pete Gay trail on the North side. It was OK except for one patch of hard ice right across the trail! But that double chair is too slo-o-o-w on a cold day!
The Missus favorite was Cloud, for the view.

I don't know what's up for next week. Looks like some (more) r**n in the forecast! :-(