It's a Miracle!

Went for a ride yesterday. It was about 30° out, overcast, spitting snow.
Wound up being just over 2 hours. It was great getting out for a decent ride.
This was a regular route of mine which I call "brookview-s.albany-rarick-rowe-308".
As I usually do on this ride, I stop at a certain point a little over an hour in and have a Clif bar break.
I took off my riding glasses cause they will fog up when I stop riding and put them in the "drop slot" in my seat.
When I took off again, I forgot all about the glasses and didn't remove them from the seat.
I never missed them until I pulled into my garage at the end of the ride.
I hopped in my car and went back to the rest stop cause I knew exactly what happened although I had little hope of finding them intact as it was over an hour.
Well, long story short, I DID find them sitting nicely folded as if on display quite a long distance from where I stopped, in fact at a second stop where I adjusted my handlebar mounted camera. Right in the middle of the road with nary a scratch on them. I guess it helped that it was Rarick road which I frequently ride without ever seeing a car! ;-)
It made my day (besides the ride).
Here's the route:

Here are some video highlights of the ride:

Alarming weight gain!

Alarming but not surprising. No, I can't say I was alarmed. Chagrined maybe.
Well, combine typical holiday eating excesses with an abrupt cessation of all exercise and what do you expect?
It's not really the weather that has stopped me from cycling but the time and the daylight.
And daylight is not really an issue for the gym but time is.
I finally went to the gym today and worked out for 50 mins on the stat bike.
I'm going to ease back into it. I'm working out up to the top of Zone 2. That's 69%MHR.

Probably would be a good idea to clean and lube my bike too. It's still messy from my last ride.

And, I still need to get my XC skis ready. They need to have the heel plates installed.
A simple enough job.

Cycling makes me happy

I'm sorry to have to say it but I'm glad I CAN say it. It's so conditional. True happiness should not be conditional.
I got a couple of good rides in this weekend after almost a week of nothing but the gym and I went from doom and gloom to whistling a happy tune.
Even my wife noticed it this morning (a Monday morning).
I finally got together with my friend Brad on Sunday. He lives up in what we call the "hill towns" around here, the Helderbergs.
I decided to meet him at his house and ride from there 'cause I wanted to get on some new roads that I haven't tried before.
Brad raced for the Air Force in Italy and has nice bike so I'm way out of his league but I was grateful for the challenge.
My numbers are all messed up though because I forgot to turn on my HRM until well into the ride and my cyclocomputer said I did 37mi in one hour and my average speed was 27mph(?)and maximum speed was 77! It seems to like that 77. 'Twould be nice but I DON'T THINK SO!!! Needless to say the 'puter is not accurate. What happens is, it keeps counting numbers after I've taken it off the bike so if I don't record it right away it will be goofy (sometimes!)
So this was 2 days after the big ice storm and the ride was gorgeous ... a world of crystals and diamonds.

Here's the route. Keep going and there's a video:

Here's the video but it doesn't come close to capturing the beauty. Remember to click the YouTube logo on the video (you might have to click it twice) and then select "Watch in high quality" to get the best resolution.

ice storm ride

Well, the day after the ice storm, actually.
Here in upstate NY we had a severe ice storm on Friday as you may well know.
I wasn't going to ride on Saturday primarily because it was predicted to be very cold and it was but it was so beautiful that I wanted to take some video.
I figured I could ride for an hour in that cold (19° or so) without a problem.
I'm glad I went. It was a good ride. I only saw 2 other riders out that day.
One, looked like a pro rider out for training and the other an old geezer like me puttering along.
Here is the video of that ride. For better resolution, go to YouTube and click "Watch in high quality":

1st day at the gym since last April!

Yes, yesterday was the first day I set foot in a gym for 9 months!
Of course, I overdid it and boy am I sore today.

I desperately need to work on my upper body. It's been weak all my life and cycling exclusively for 9 months doesn't help.

So that's what I did ... an upper body workout; pecs, delts, biceps, triceps, etc.
Also some incline board crunches. I'll be feeling those presently.

Today I just did 40 minutes on the stationary bike. It's weird and kind of sad to be cycling in a room with a bike that you control how hard it is rather than the terrain determining the difficulty.
But there are advantages to that kind of a workout so I need to be looking at that.

I'm still going to ride, weather permitting but the lack of daylight is the problem.

My new potential cycling buddy, Brad, has two mountain bikes equipped with good headlights and he's been trying to get me to do some night riding on the trails but we haven't been able to connect yet.

I think 20° is my lower limit for riding. I can do about an hour comfortably at that temp.

Of course, there's skiing!

1st ski day of the 2008/2009 season!

Sunday Mrs. MTBMan1 and I went to Jiminy Peak for our first day of skiing this year courtesy of Warren Miller.
In case you don't know, Warren Miller does a ski movie every year for the last 50 years and included with the $22 dollar admission are 4 free lift tickets to local ski areas.
So we skied free today and it normally would have cost us $112 for the 2 of us. Not bad for a $44 investment and we still have 3 freebies to go! Sweet!
The forecast for today was 27° at the mountain but the thermometer at the lift said 23° so I don't know it that was right.
I was certainly dressed warm enough so that was no problem.
It was pretty windy at the top; near white out conditions. Kind of cool. Like exploring the Antarctic or Everest or something.
As long as I'm dressed for it I think it's great being out in the elements.
Here's some video I took. Give you some idea of the conditions at the top!
As always, if you click on the YouTube logo you can watch the video in high quality by clicking the "Watch in high quality" link in the lower right of the video.

Give up!

I was hoping to take an at least 2 hour ride on Saturday.
I only rode once this week on Tuesday for about an hour.
The problem is limited amount of daylight for riding what with having to go in to work at 9 or earlier in some cases.
Anyhow, it was not a good ride.
I was getting frustrated right from the start with all the prep necessary to get out for a ride.
It wasn't really that cold, about 29° I think. I've ridden in colder weather and had a better time.
Usually when I'm not feeling like riding or not feeling good about a ride, I know to just keep riding and then after awhile, usually no more than an hour, I'll start to feel much better.
But Saturday, I just couldn't get over the hump.
It was kind of a gray day which I usually don't mind. It was a little windy not too bad but for some reason it really irritated me on this ride.
Plus the feeling of being warm and sweaty in my core yet cold on the surface at the same time had me being really cranky.
I cut the ride short at just under an hour and a quarter.
In retrospect, I'm thinking the problem might have been that I stayed up late the night before.
And my calves are sore like they haven't been in a long time. It's amazing that not riding for 3 days when I'm used to riding every day could get me that out of shape!

Here are some pics of my homemade camera mount. It's still slipping around the handelbars on rough downhills.

The camera tripod mount just screws into the screw and you tighten it up with the top wingnut.

dirty camelbak

I finally got around to cleaning my camelbak.

For a long time I put only water in it because I didn't want to have to clean it.

But lately, I've been filling it with lemonade with a dash of salt in it primarily because I need the carbs and the sodium and primarily because it doesn't freeze as readily as water and primarily because it tastes good.

The problem with that is bacteria like sugar, mm-mm!

To avoid cleaning it, I've been putting it in the fridge or on the porch if it's cold enough (I'm hoping it's cold enough).

Yesterday, before my ride, I decided I had better clean it. I had bought a cleaning kit some time back and used it once.

Let me tell you it was bad! Lots of black stuff all through it. Yechhh!

Here's a video of me cleaning it. At one point you can see some of the black stuff rinsed out in the sink.

Bon appetit!

ride video - old army depot loop

Here's a narrated video of a ride I did on the 28th of November.
I'm still working the bugs out of my handlebar mounted camera.
You can play it here but if you go to YouTube, you can click "watch in high quality" or something like that. It'll probably be just below the video to the right.

work can be hazardous to your health!

I'm working full time right now as opposed to 4 hours a day starting at 1PM previously.
That's good, of course, for the livelihood but it plays havoc with my riding (and blogging) schedule! :-(
Also, I was feeling really sick last night (chills, sweats, aches) so I bagged any thought of a ride this AM for safety sake but I think I'm ok.
Right now I'm working on a video of a ride which I will post soon. I thought I had it done but when I uploaded it to YouTube, they said it was too long (15 minutes). I thought the length limit was 20 minutes but it's 10 so I'll have to edit it down and redo the narration. It really was too long (boring). Maybe it's still boring! :-)
Except for me. ;-)

What I'm thankful for...

I'm thankful for a lot more important things than I'm going to list here. But since this is about cycling, skiing and fitness, that's what I'm going to tell you about. So, yeah, I know this is kind of a materialistic list. :-)

This Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2008, I'm thankful for:

  • The health and capability, at age 60, to ride a bike and ski
  • Mrs. MTBMan1, who got me to downhill ski and took up cycling to be with me and likes it
  • My vintage Raleigh Olympian road bike

  • My rigid Ross Mt.St.Helens "mountain" bike

  • My Trek 4100 mtn bike

  • My "buff" multifunction headgear

  • My $22 bargain Optic-Nerve glasses with switchable lenses

  • My Pearl-Izumi padded fingerless gloves

  • cold-weather tights (comfy!)
  • cycling socks

  • SmartWool socks (pricey but worth it)

  • Shimano cycling shoes and clipless pedals that I got for $20 on craig's list! (love a bargain!)

  • Pearl-Izumi Am-Fib shoe covers (nice quality - keep the tootsies toasty)

  • Matt and Mad Dog Bicycles, literally 1 block down the street from me. How cool is that?
  • All new drive train on the Raleigh (smooth!)

... and much more! but i've got to start getting ready for the day.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Yesterday's route

Happy Thanksgiving!
I probably won't be riding today 'cause we are going to visit Mrs. MTBMan1's rels for the day.
Since I forgot yesterday, here is the new route I rode when testing out my homebrew camera mount. By the way, my camera is not a video cam but just a regular Canon digital cam with video capability.
I can only get 30 seconds of 640x480 video at a clip but with a 2GB memory card I can hold quite a few 30 second clips!

Here's yesterday's route!

My Camera Mount

I made this camera mount for the bike handle bars from a relector mount I got from Matt at Mad Dog.
I tried it out today but it needs some work. It tends to loosen up very quickly and then the camera won't stay pointed straight.
Here are some clips from today's ride.

Starting up Orchard Hill

I'm not that interested in the camera mount has loosened up and the camera keeps wanting to point to the right.

Still going up Orchard Hill

A little respite

Ah, finally, the other side!

I intended to do only 1 hour, about 15 miles or so but it was really nice. 32° and no wind. Then, when the sun came out ... wow ... it was like spring. So I kept going. No performance objectives. Just fun. I'm enjoying it.

Beat the train!

Today was a mere 27° and no wind so my 1hr 10min ride was pretty comfortable.
In fact, near the end, I felt like I was just getting warmed up and could keep going.
I was shooting for a 1 hour ride so I did pretty good. I suppose I could try pushing it a little faster and it would be 1 hour.
There were 3 train crossings on this ride. As I approached the 3rd crossing the lights started flashing and the bars started to come down but I was close enough to get through before they were completely down. Ha, ha!
Later this morning when I was riding in my car there was a news story on the radio that a man and his two young daughters were hit twice by a train (or 2 trains) on the same set of tracks not a mile from where I passed by! This happened yesterday and miraculously they were not seriously hurt!

I smelled people burning coal for the first time this year. Most people burn wood. It reminded me of when I lived in a cabin in Nederland, CO. I burned coal in an old rusted out stove. Not too safe what with carbon monoxide danger. I used to get the body of that stove glowing cherry red before I went to bed so it would be warm when I got up. Sometimes, in the morning, I would throw in fresh coal and then some kerosene on the dying embers. The kerosene would vaporize, I would flop the top lid shut and then drop a lit match into a hole in the top. BLANG! Ha, ha! Not too smart!

So, yeah, an hour ride is pretty good at this temp with no wind. I had a good time. I'm especially pleased that my drink is not freezing up in the Camelbak. It was a problem last year with plain water.

Today's route I call "Bullock Loop - Longer" and here it is:

One thing I DON'T like about cycling ....

One thing I DON'T like about cycling ....
The hills I can handle. Dogs, cars, cold, heat, no problem.
But the WIND! The wind, I don't like.
There's nothing quite so demoralizing as grinding away in your lowest gear DOWNHILL with a relentless wind in your face.
Today I went out intending to do a 2 hour ride.
It was 24° but the wind was gusting to 35mph. I think the temp would have been OK if not for the wind. That really gets to me. So I cut it short by about 15 minutes and 4 miles.

Amazingly, the drink tube on my Camelbak didn't freeze up. Something is working as good anti-freeze in my lemon juice, sugar and salt blend. However, the feed on my bottle DID freeze up. The drink in the bottle was sort of slushy but drinkable. I just think a piece of slush clogged the top.

Maybe it's time to start working out at the gym and xc skiing. OK. Bring on the snow!

I've also been working on the famous "workbench". I found a bunch of discarded 2x4s last year and finally I'm getting around to doing this bench. I can see why they threw them away! Check these pix.
You can see the components go everywhich way but straight. Believe it or not all my dimensions are accurate and my joints are square but these 2x4s have some nasty bends in them.

From 2008_11_22

I bolted some of the pieces together to try to "force" them straight. Uh-uh. Nothing doing.
From 2008_11_22

This leg won't touch the ground when the other 3 are. (Yes I know it's not square. I didn't cut that one. That's how it came and I didn't have enough length to cut it square.)
From 2008_11_22

My solution .... shim the back. Works for me! :-)
From 2008_11_22

This one is my fault. I don't understand what's wrong with my head. Basically, I needed to cut 3" from the depth pieces to accomodate the thickness of the 2 cross pieces but only cut 1-1/2". Well, I'll just cut another 1-1/2" off it.
From 2008_11_22

Here's my first project waiting for the bench to be completed. I need to swap out the heel plates on these xc skis. Got these out of somebody's trash. Sweet!
From 2008_11_22

By the way, here's today's route:

Too cold, too far? - Redux. Post ride analysis.

I've been thinking about that last post/ride. I'm sure the cold was a factor but here's the scenario:
Because it was so cold (mid to low 20s) and I haven't yet solved the cold-feet problem, I decided I would probably only ride for an hour. Based on that, I didn't eat any breakfast before leaving and I filled my Camelbak with plain water and not carb/electrolyte replenishment drink (salted lemonade). This is a good plan for an hour ride because you are likely to burn more fat this way but longer than that, you need the carb calories.
After setting out, however, I decided to ride for a longer period of time because I didn't feel that cold and in fact, the ride wound up being 3 hours.
I only had a Clif Mojo bar with me (200 calories) which I ate at the 1 hour mark.
Clearly not enough to fuel me for the entire distance.
I felt like I was in a trance when I got back.
Probably not a "bonk" but getting there!
If there's a moral here I'm not sure what it is. I want to say "stick to the plan" but part of the fun of cycling is just setting off and winging it depending on how you feel and what happens on the way or just a whim.
I guess under the conditions it was just a poor judgement call.
I think a good option would have been to carry 2 Clif bars, fill my Camelbak with water and carry a spare bottle with the homebrew lemonade. That way, I would have been more ready for a change of plan.

Too cold, too far?

Today's ride really drained me. I think it may be the cold 'cause I don't usually have a problem with ride I did. It was 38 miles and not terribly hilly, not usually a problem for me.
Initially my fingers were cold with my ski gloves and liners but they warmed up pretty well after about an hour of moderate zone 3 riding.
My feet were OK in the beginning with 2 socks and insulated shoe covers and started to get cold after an hour or so. At that point, I stopped for a Clif bar and they warmed up a little. I think the cold feet have more to do with circulation than the cold alone because they get numb/cold even in the summer after awhile.
There was a bit of a head wind in places but not consistently.
I had intended to only do 1, maybe 2 hours because of the cold but I wound up doing 3.
I felt really spent afterwards, more than I thought I should.
My right shoulder, which is a chronic problem, really hurt on this ride. It's been hurting at night too. It bothers me mostly when standing out of the saddle or changing my hand position. I try to be careful not to pull on it but it only takes one wrong move to set it off.
My new compact crankset and freewheel are performing admirably. Very smooth shifting. I am having to get used to some new gear combinations because of the lower geared small chainring.
Here is the route, one of my regulars:

The Unthinkable!

Today, Mrs. MTBMan1 will be out all day 8:30AM to 8:30PM, I have nothing scheduled and I'm not going to ride.
That's right. I said NOT GOING TO RIDE!
And that's not because it's raining.
I was actually looking forward to a long ride down the Mo-Hud Bike Path in the rain. I like the rain (my close friends will attest to this.)
It's just that I'm still sore. Not real sore but ...
Well, two days ago as I related in this post, I was starting to think I was getting a wee bit burned out.
I have got away from the good advice of Dr.Gabe Mirkin who says that you should exercise hard, then chill out or exercise real easy until the soreness goes away. The soreness is nature's way of telling you to let the muscles heal (and grow stronger).
So, in spite of it being an ideal day to ride a loooong ride (this is killing me) 'twould be a mark of maturity to stay home and recoop.
It doesn't have to be a total loss bike-wise. I can work on my project bike, an Iron Horse "mountain" bike that I picked off the side of the road (the sign said free and the lady was right there smiling).

I know it's not much of a bike and I don't want to put a lot of money into it but I though it was a good one to practice on without having to worry about ruining it or getting bored and chucking the whole thing.
I'm going to take it all apart and totally clean it.
Currently, I'm working on the bottom bracket which sounds and feels nasty.

All new drive train!

Last post, I mentioned losing my crank on a ride. Well the square hole in it was rounded so it needed to be replaced and you can't just replace one crank, you have to replace both and the other crank is part of the front gears so it's a crankset that has to be replaced and the new crankset wouldn't work with the old bottom bracket plus it was worn out anyway so that had to be replaced and it turned out that the chain was shot and that in turn had worn out the gears in the rear so the cogs had to be replaced .... <take breath here>
Cost about $170. More than I paid for the bike.

I had Matt at Mad Dog Bicycles get me a compact crankset which means a smaller small chainring for easier climbing.

The crankset is a Shimano Sora and it's pretty cool and here it is:

I took it out this morning for a short test run and it shifts very smoothly.
Matt did a great job. Everything works perfectly. He even remounted my cadence sensor on the new crank and adjusted it so I didn't have to do anything this morning.
The rear cog set is a Shimano MF-TZ20.

I didn't test it on any big hills 'cause I really needed a break today. I've been overdoing it lately and I'd like to take a nice long ride this weekend.
I'll have to see what Charles is doing.


I also replaced the 6 broken spokes on the ROSS MTB rear wheel.
I bought 10 spokes from Matt at a buck apiece. They are black instead of silver but what do I care?
I'm thrilled that I did this repair myself. Wasn't too bad. I had the spoke wrench and the thing to remove the cogs. I'm not too concerned about absolute truing of the wheel. As long as it doesn't rub the brake pads and all the spokes are tight, I'm fine. I spent a little time degreasing the cogs since I had it off. There is one broken tooth on it but it still works fine. I wouldn't know it but to look at it.

The Ross Mt. St.Helens (kind of a pretentious name, don't you think?)

From ROSS bike

It's God's way of telling me to take a break ...

I went out today intending to take a good 30-35 mile ride even though the weather forcast was for 100% chance of rain by 10AM.
After all, I have all the rain gear I need now except for a new helmet with a visor and water resistant helmet cover.
I was eager to give my new Pearl Izumi Am-Fib shoe covers a test ride.

I was feeling kind of tired, not from lack of sleep but muscularly so. However, I was hoping to get an endorphin boost a few miles in.

Annoyingly, I had to go more frequently and sooner than usual. I don't know why. I didn't have any more to drink than usual. The only thing I did different was to have a bagel with cream cheese before I left. I usually don't eat anything before riding and have a Clif Bar about an hour into the ride.
This time I thought I should have something for some reason.

My first scheduled pit stop is at a small town park on the way where they have a porta potty.

It wasn't raining and I was kinda warm so I thought I'd stop, do my business and remove my rain gear (this is the cheapest top and pants O2 makes. kind of like a breatheable yellow shower curtain.)

Well, guess what? No porta-potty!

No porta-potty

For some reason, this irritated me inordinately. I mean the first time I came down this road, I went into the woods on a path and that was fine. Then I found the park with the john so that was a pleasant surprise and I have used that since then.
So no big deal right? Use the woods. That was probably the first sign that I was overtired. Crankiness.

After that I was debating whether or not I should cut the ride short. The warning signs were there. Even though I took yesterday off completely I had already ridden 70 miles or so. And I've heard that us older folks (Masters)may need more than a day of easy toodlin' or even total rest.

Before long, I had to go yet again! Ok, twice. I've had to do that on a ride but not so soon within 15 miles. I'm getting irritated about that. Also everytime I run into a head wind I get inordinately annoyed.

A few miles later while standing out of the saddle up a hill ... ptoingg!! ...

I know what that is. Broken spoke. Probably multiple broken spokes. Sure enough the rear tire starts rubbing against the frame. Cause by the time that happens there is more than one spoke broken.

Now I remember I was going to check the spokes for tightness yesterday cause I noticed a little wobble in the rear wheel.


Fortunately, I was in a good place to redirect and make a beeline for home. Which I did. I survived the spokes without too much trouble. There were no big hills to climb.

Total distance about 24 miles.

And the spokes? ... 6!

2 bikes out of commission!
Oh well, I still have the Trek.

From 2007_11_11 Trek 4100

Not good for long road hauls but maybe I'll take it out to the Pine Bush and pick up a few deer ticks! ;-)

And the addiction kicks in ...

And the addiction kicks in ...

You know you're addicted to cycling when ____
Fill in the blank here.
For me it was today, when in spite of overcast sky, chilly temperatures, forecast of rain and snow ...
there was no doubt, no hesitation ...
"Of course, I'm going for a ride this morning!"
If, for a moment, I thought of just chillin' out at home and relaxing, I would feel the depression start to loom over me.
No, uh-uh, not that.
On the other hand, I remember how, when I DO ride, the high lingers for hours, even at work. I will feel physically content.

I'm still riding the ROSS MTB 'cause the Raleigh is still in the shop.

I wore my hiking boots and Burton snowboard sox in an attempt to ward off the chill from my chronically cold feet.

Wore 3 layers up top, my Buff headgear in balaclava mode and my ski gloves with liners.

Loaded up my Camelbak and bottle with homebrew energy drink (essentially lemonade with a dose of salt).

New route today! I have wanted to get closer to the Helderberg Escarpment without actually going up into it. Also make a longer ride out of my regular route out to the old Army depot and back.

I rode Meadowdale Lane which is the road closest to the Escarpment. Great views although spoiled by some totally inappropriate new construction. Obviously expensive homes, if someone is going to spend that much on a house with a view, why not have it designed to blend in better with the environment. These houses looked like they belonged together in a housing development or like random objects randomly placed. Shame.

Further on there were some old colonials which fit the environment much better.

Kind of a gray, moderately overcast day. This is looking east toward Albany

From 2008_11_11 Bike Ride

The Helderberg Escarpment
From 2008_11_11 Bike Ride

From Depot Road
From 2008_11_11 Bike Ride

Meadowdale Lane ... we start to approach the Escarpment
From 2008_11_11 Bike Ride

A lot of modern houses like this in prime "view" spots on Meadowdale
From 2008_11_11 Bike Ride

From 2008_11_11 Bike Ride

Black Creek Marsh Conservation Area ... have to check it out later sometime for a hike or bike
From 2008_11_11 Bike Ride

Video of 2Daze Ride

Can anybody tell me why my videos come out so "blocky" when I post them to the internet?

2Daze Ryde!

I can't say it was a "classic" November day. Classic November is cold, windy and overcast.
Today was cold, windy and sunny! :-)
They were predicting no rain today at least they said 10% chance of.
It was kind of unsettled when I went out.
Mostly cloudy but breaking up.
About 20 minutes in I had some rain on me. What th ...?
No clouds overheard either.
This is on a road that is exposed to the west to the Helderberg Escarpment and sometimes I think rain over there gets whipped up into the atmosphere by upper level winds and dropped on this road.
In any event, it didn't amount to much.
I'm still riding the Ross MTB because the Raleigh Olympian is still in the shop.
Matt at Mad Dog Bicycles called me a few minutes ago and said it looks like new crankset and BB are needed.
I decided to have him put a compact crankset on it since I am replacing it anyhow. It's hard to find stuff for this bike because it's an older style as in non-indexed shifters.
Hopefully I'll have it back in a few days. He's going to have to order the parts.
I'm doing OK with the Ross. My shoulder bothered me quite a bit on the 40 miler I did on Saturday but I think I've learned how to favor it and didn't have much problem with it today.
I rode 27 miles.
I loved the ride today. The sun came out later on and really felt good. The wind died down too.
It was 49° when I left the house. I didn't check it when I got back but it felt a good deal warmer. It's currently 45° 3-1/2 hours later so it's dropping. It may rain or snow even tonight.
I felt like I could have bagged work and kept on going up into the hill country!
I hope I can keep this up when I get a full time job! :-)
I'm still feeling the buzz.

Here's some pix!

It rained on me here! Where are the rain clouds?

From 2008_11_10 Bike Ride

Same spot. Font Grove Rd.
From 2008_11_10 Bike Ride

Albany Country Club. No golfers out here today!
From 2008_11_10 Bike Ride

My first "pit" stop along Wormer Rd.
From 2008_11_10 Bike Ride

I always like this barn.
From 2008_11_10 Bike Ride

View to the West
From 2008_11_10 Bike Ride

Ye Olde Army Depot. I guess this was an army depot on WWII. Now it's a commercial industrial park.
From 2008_11_10 Bike Ride

I finally got a picture of the Dromedary (one humped camel). He's (she?) coming out of the shed just for me in the lower left of the picture.
From 2008_11_10 Bike Ride

The Helderberg Escarpment ... due West
From 2008_11_10 Bike Ride

Another view of the Escarpment
From 2008_11_10 Bike Ride

This guy has got to have the best view in the county!
From 2008_11_10 Bike Ride

Approaching the shady grove on Koontz Rd. A favorite spot to munch a Clif Bar on a hot summer day.
From 2008_11_10 Bike Ride

Starting the climb on Swift or Bullock Rd. I forget which.
From 2008_11_10 Bike Ride

The End! 27 miles.
From 2008_11_10 Bike Ride

Neighborhood Ride with the FAM! (video)

This was just about fun, being together as a family and getting some healthy exercise and fresh air. And that we did!
Daughter Steph was home visiting from Vermont where she is a backstage theater person.
Classic November day in upstate NY. Kind of gray. Getting a little chilly but not frigid. Some yellow leaves still in the trees. A lot of brown ones on the ground.
Here are some stills and a video from the ride.

Yours truly

From Delmar Ride with Sue and Steph

Hi Neighbor!
From Delmar Ride with Sue and Steph

Father with Daughter
From Delmar Ride with Sue and Steph

Wife showing off
From Delmar Ride with Sue and Steph

Mother and Daughter
From Delmar Ride with Sue and Steph

From Delmar Ride with Sue and Steph