Mama was right!

Posture. We all learned about it when we were kids. You were always slouching on the sofa and your mother always told you to sit up straight. Mine did, anyway.
Shoulders back. Head up straight. Wasn't that the classic good posture? Turns out it's true. Not just for appearance sake but for your well-being.

Had my 5th visit to the physical therapist today. 3 more to go. That's what my insurance has approved. Once again I had neck traction, the arm cycling machine and pulling on the Therabands.

I continue to do well with this regimen. I didn't even have any tingling in my right hand at all today.

I am also starting to work with the Rick Olderman book, Fixing You:Shoulder and Elbow Pain. I am trying to be more aware of my posture and am doing one of the corrective exercises he recommends called the "All Fours Rocking Stretch". It is billed as "passively restoring normal mechanics of the shoulders and arms."

It feels good keeping correct posture but it can be tiring. I am throwing my shoulders back and also trying to keep them higher. I've noticed in the past when I've been working out pretty consistently in the gym on my upper body, it's easier and more natural to maintain a proper posture. I just feel good standing up straight and keeping those shoulders back. Throwing my chest out.

So I guess muscle tone and strength have a lot to do with it.

I'll just have to take a break now and then to rest but I'll keep working on it.

It's humbling to admit your mother's homely advice was right!

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