Free bike!

I picked up a bike from a post-garage sale giveaway.

I was almost home from an early morning ride when I saw it next to a "free" sign with a lot of other stuff.

I called Mrs. MTBMan1 and asked her to come over with a car and bike rack and we took it home.

Here it is:

The shifting seemed a little sluggish so I thought I would replace the rear shifter cable. When trying to take the shifter cover off, the nut sheared, like so:

It's an odd little item. There is a slider on it that if you turn it one way you get indexed shifting and the other way it's old-style friction shifting! It's Shimano Deore XT but certainly a very old model. There are only 5 cogs in the rear. I suppose I could replace it with a friction type shifter.

There is no brand to be seen on the bike as it has been painted.

The nice thing about it is that it's a large size good for either Mrs. MTBMan1 or myself. My idea is to make it as much a comfort bike as possible for Mrs. MTBMan1 as she is having neck problems with the high seat-low handlebar arrangement on the Trek.

Also, no quick-releases on the wheels:

What I would like to do is either see if the stem will extend or get a longer one and get high rise handlebars. Then maybe a shock mounted seat and some shocks for the front. All free of course! :-)

But wait, there's more!

They were also giving away 2 sets of biking shoes that fit me!

How 'bout that!? The only problem is, they are Look style and I have spd pedals. With my luck, maybe I'll find a free set of Look pedals before my current ones give out. ;-)

Remember, MTBMan1 says "You can't have too many bikes!"