Wednesday update

Todays ride:
Decent morning today although a bit chilly, 30ish. No prob. Dressed for it. It was great to get back on the bike after 2 days off. Took my usual 10 miler up along Meads Lane. Has a couple of nice short hills and Meads Lane is flat farm country with views of the Helderberg escarpment. Very serene and peaceful in the morning. I'll tell you those hills seem like nothing now compared to Sunday's ride!
I was psyched cause I averaged over 13 mph today compared to 10 mph in the past. I wasn't really trying to work out in a particular heart zone. Just rode like I felt like riding although I did wear the heart rate monitor.
Was hoping to bring the bike to work and get to ride during lunch hour but I didn't have time to get it all together and still get to work on time. I'm also a little worried about the Raleigh hanging down too low to the ground on my current bike rack. I might be able to get away with taking the front wheel off as the back wheel is hanging a little higher because the top stay is resting on the rack.

Hand update:
My hand is getting incrementally better. The swelling has gone down, the pain is less and I can grip more. Biking not a problem at all.

No word on the x-rays yet. Life is good!

Bike update:
Got a good pump from Mad Dog today. My old one let more air out trying to get the fitting on the valve than I put in pumping! Got to keep those road tires pumped up.
Switched the computer from the Ross MTB to the Raleigh. Much easier the second time around. The sensors on these things are very fussy with positioning. It's OK when you know how to finesse 'em. Also took me a couple of tries to get the right size cable ties to attach it. Works great. Although, if the positioning shifts so that it doesn't work I may put a dab of hot glue on the sensors to keep them in place. The cable ties aren't quite as secure as the screw clamp type.
Took off the kick stand to save weight. Charles suggested I remove the safety bar brake extensions for the same reason. They don't seem very heavy though and I kind of like having them. We'll see.
Finally, I took the toe clips and straps off the Ross MTB. They just don't make sense for me. I think the Ross will be my get around town and do errands bike. You know, hop on without changing clothes or shoes and drop a letter in the mailbox or return a book to the library.

Hope to be able to ride tomorrow morning. Supposed to be in the high 20s!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    What happened to your hand? :-/

  2. MTB Man Says:

    I flipped over the handlebars testing out a bike from the bike shop. See my previous post Endo!: