My "new" used bike update ....

I think the Kabuki is out of the running. Matt, owner of Mad Dog Bicycles, my local LBS (yeah, I know, that's redundant) didn't get to checking out the weird random noise cause he's been swamped with repairs and new bike sales. It's that time of year for bike shops especially with the great weather and lousy gas prices. I should have done my bike deal in the winter when Matt was twiddling his thumbs but I didn't have the money then. Anyway, as I was waiting to talk to Matt, I took a second look at the Raleigh that I had rejected on first try earlier cause I thought it was too small. It really didn't "look" too small this time. It turns out it is a 59cm which is ideal for me. I had thought it was a 54 for some reason. I test rode it again. I think the reason I thought it was small was cause the seat was angled down and also needed to be pushed back on the post. It's a nice riding bike and feels pretty solid. No funny noises. The shifting front and back needs tweaking and Matt says that it has the wrong cable clamp on the rear derailleur cable. He couldn't find one there at the shop but said he had one at home so I will check in tonight and hopefully can ride away with it. I'm really excited about riding a real road bike. I'll see if I can live without a granny gear here in the foothills of the Helderbergs. ;-)

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