Rampin' it up! But not TOO much!

This week the weather around here (Albany, NY area) has been like southern cal; 75 deg, clear and dry, nary a cloud in the sky. Very hard to stick to one ride a day. Mornings are getting lighter earlier and temps are moderate. Of course, I can't stand staying inside the office on lunch hour so bringing the bike in for a ride down by the Hudson river is a must! Plus, buddy Brad suggests it might to time to ramp it up so I thought, "Well, I'll just double my training volume; 2 training rides a day instead of just one". Yesterday, I was scheduled to do a light intensity ride so I did it in the morning and then again in the afternoon. No problem. Today I intended to do the same thing with my higher intensity ride but I remember I read somewhere that you need to be careful about ramping up training F.I.T.; Frequency, Intensity, Time (duration). I think the number I read was no more than 5%/week. I'll track that down. But especially for us over 40 fellers (I'm 60). Plus I haven't been sleeping too well since the weather change. We close the bedroom door to block noises but the air gets kind of stuffy and it's warmer but I like to sleep with some kind of cover on and I haven't put the A/C in yet. So I find myself awake a lot and thrashing around trying to get comfortable.
Anyhow, back on topic. I DO like to ride. So this noon-time I'll try to do a recovery ride instead of 45 minutes in the 70-79%MHR range like I had originally planned and restrain myself from looking at the numbers too much although I WILL record my miles. I want to get my credit you know! ;-)

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