Yesterday I took a ride with my friend Charles. I was supposed to start my training program with a flat, easy ride, keeping my HR under 65% MHR but I really couldn't pass up this offer since I so rarely get a chance to ride with somebody. This was a fairly flat country ride with a few easy rollers. Some peaceful moments with beautiful scenery. As usual, my camera skills just don't do it justice! So it was a pretty decent work out with a few seconds over 90% but not bad at all in terms of overall exertion.
Here's the route:

Here we are just starting out from the town of Feura Bush, NY.

Here is a shot of Copeland Hill on our first stop about 40 minutes in.
Charles on the road!

Charles on a break

Some falls off Onesquetha Creek Rd.

Here's me!

The Helderbergs in the distance

Another view of the Helderbergs

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