Daily Weight Fluctations - What's Up with That?!

I'm trying not to get too excited about these daily weight fluctations (wild swings, really)but I find it's getting annoying. If you've noticed, I track my daily weight measurement in a chart on this blog here:
Mostly, my weight fluctates from day to day between 200 and 210 pounds. This is some improvement as the range used to be 210 to 215 but it still seems weird to vary 10 lbs. in a day! Someone suggested that it may be the quality of the scale that is at issue and it is a cheap scale but it does seem to be consistent. I can get on and off it several times and it still says the same thing.
I can't seem to correlate it to how hard I exercised or what I ate for a couple of days previously either.
I always weigh myself at exactly the same time each day in exactly the same way after doing the same things and wearing the same clothes.
Usually, if I weigh myself later in the day, I will have dropped a couple of pounds. Maybe it has to do with water retention. Sometimes I do drink a lot of fluids in the evening right up until bedtime.
Well, like I said, I try not to obsess about it. I know I am getting fitter. I feel great. And I know I'll eventually get to a healthy weight.
Definitely need patience.
I guess that's why they (the mythical authorities) always say don't weigh yourself everday, you'll drive yourself nuts.
But I'll probably keep doing it. I like graphs.

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