Alarming weight gain!

Alarming but not surprising. No, I can't say I was alarmed. Chagrined maybe.
Well, combine typical holiday eating excesses with an abrupt cessation of all exercise and what do you expect?
It's not really the weather that has stopped me from cycling but the time and the daylight.
And daylight is not really an issue for the gym but time is.
I finally went to the gym today and worked out for 50 mins on the stat bike.
I'm going to ease back into it. I'm working out up to the top of Zone 2. That's 69%MHR.

Probably would be a good idea to clean and lube my bike too. It's still messy from my last ride.

And, I still need to get my XC skis ready. They need to have the heel plates installed.
A simple enough job.

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