And the addiction kicks in ...

And the addiction kicks in ...

You know you're addicted to cycling when ____
Fill in the blank here.
For me it was today, when in spite of overcast sky, chilly temperatures, forecast of rain and snow ...
there was no doubt, no hesitation ...
"Of course, I'm going for a ride this morning!"
If, for a moment, I thought of just chillin' out at home and relaxing, I would feel the depression start to loom over me.
No, uh-uh, not that.
On the other hand, I remember how, when I DO ride, the high lingers for hours, even at work. I will feel physically content.

I'm still riding the ROSS MTB 'cause the Raleigh is still in the shop.

I wore my hiking boots and Burton snowboard sox in an attempt to ward off the chill from my chronically cold feet.

Wore 3 layers up top, my Buff headgear in balaclava mode and my ski gloves with liners.

Loaded up my Camelbak and bottle with homebrew energy drink (essentially lemonade with a dose of salt).

New route today! I have wanted to get closer to the Helderberg Escarpment without actually going up into it. Also make a longer ride out of my regular route out to the old Army depot and back.

I rode Meadowdale Lane which is the road closest to the Escarpment. Great views although spoiled by some totally inappropriate new construction. Obviously expensive homes, if someone is going to spend that much on a house with a view, why not have it designed to blend in better with the environment. These houses looked like they belonged together in a housing development or like random objects randomly placed. Shame.

Further on there were some old colonials which fit the environment much better.

Kind of a gray, moderately overcast day. This is looking east toward Albany

From 2008_11_11 Bike Ride

The Helderberg Escarpment
From 2008_11_11 Bike Ride

From Depot Road
From 2008_11_11 Bike Ride

Meadowdale Lane ... we start to approach the Escarpment
From 2008_11_11 Bike Ride

A lot of modern houses like this in prime "view" spots on Meadowdale
From 2008_11_11 Bike Ride

From 2008_11_11 Bike Ride

Black Creek Marsh Conservation Area ... have to check it out later sometime for a hike or bike
From 2008_11_11 Bike Ride

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