The Unthinkable!

Today, Mrs. MTBMan1 will be out all day 8:30AM to 8:30PM, I have nothing scheduled and I'm not going to ride.
That's right. I said NOT GOING TO RIDE!
And that's not because it's raining.
I was actually looking forward to a long ride down the Mo-Hud Bike Path in the rain. I like the rain (my close friends will attest to this.)
It's just that I'm still sore. Not real sore but ...
Well, two days ago as I related in this post, I was starting to think I was getting a wee bit burned out.
I have got away from the good advice of Dr.Gabe Mirkin who says that you should exercise hard, then chill out or exercise real easy until the soreness goes away. The soreness is nature's way of telling you to let the muscles heal (and grow stronger).
So, in spite of it being an ideal day to ride a loooong ride (this is killing me) 'twould be a mark of maturity to stay home and recoop.
It doesn't have to be a total loss bike-wise. I can work on my project bike, an Iron Horse "mountain" bike that I picked off the side of the road (the sign said free and the lady was right there smiling).

I know it's not much of a bike and I don't want to put a lot of money into it but I though it was a good one to practice on without having to worry about ruining it or getting bored and chucking the whole thing.
I'm going to take it all apart and totally clean it.
Currently, I'm working on the bottom bracket which sounds and feels nasty.

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