It's God's way of telling me to take a break ...

I went out today intending to take a good 30-35 mile ride even though the weather forcast was for 100% chance of rain by 10AM.
After all, I have all the rain gear I need now except for a new helmet with a visor and water resistant helmet cover.
I was eager to give my new Pearl Izumi Am-Fib shoe covers a test ride.

I was feeling kind of tired, not from lack of sleep but muscularly so. However, I was hoping to get an endorphin boost a few miles in.

Annoyingly, I had to go more frequently and sooner than usual. I don't know why. I didn't have any more to drink than usual. The only thing I did different was to have a bagel with cream cheese before I left. I usually don't eat anything before riding and have a Clif Bar about an hour into the ride.
This time I thought I should have something for some reason.

My first scheduled pit stop is at a small town park on the way where they have a porta potty.

It wasn't raining and I was kinda warm so I thought I'd stop, do my business and remove my rain gear (this is the cheapest top and pants O2 makes. kind of like a breatheable yellow shower curtain.)

Well, guess what? No porta-potty!

No porta-potty

For some reason, this irritated me inordinately. I mean the first time I came down this road, I went into the woods on a path and that was fine. Then I found the park with the john so that was a pleasant surprise and I have used that since then.
So no big deal right? Use the woods. That was probably the first sign that I was overtired. Crankiness.

After that I was debating whether or not I should cut the ride short. The warning signs were there. Even though I took yesterday off completely I had already ridden 70 miles or so. And I've heard that us older folks (Masters)may need more than a day of easy toodlin' or even total rest.

Before long, I had to go yet again! Ok, twice. I've had to do that on a ride but not so soon within 15 miles. I'm getting irritated about that. Also everytime I run into a head wind I get inordinately annoyed.

A few miles later while standing out of the saddle up a hill ... ptoingg!! ...

I know what that is. Broken spoke. Probably multiple broken spokes. Sure enough the rear tire starts rubbing against the frame. Cause by the time that happens there is more than one spoke broken.

Now I remember I was going to check the spokes for tightness yesterday cause I noticed a little wobble in the rear wheel.


Fortunately, I was in a good place to redirect and make a beeline for home. Which I did. I survived the spokes without too much trouble. There were no big hills to climb.

Total distance about 24 miles.

And the spokes? ... 6!

2 bikes out of commission!
Oh well, I still have the Trek.

From 2007_11_11 Trek 4100

Not good for long road hauls but maybe I'll take it out to the Pine Bush and pick up a few deer ticks! ;-)

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