1st ski day of the 2008/2009 season!

Sunday Mrs. MTBMan1 and I went to Jiminy Peak for our first day of skiing this year courtesy of Warren Miller.
In case you don't know, Warren Miller does a ski movie every year for the last 50 years and included with the $22 dollar admission are 4 free lift tickets to local ski areas.
So we skied free today and it normally would have cost us $112 for the 2 of us. Not bad for a $44 investment and we still have 3 freebies to go! Sweet!
The forecast for today was 27° at the mountain but the thermometer at the lift said 23° so I don't know it that was right.
I was certainly dressed warm enough so that was no problem.
It was pretty windy at the top; near white out conditions. Kind of cool. Like exploring the Antarctic or Everest or something.
As long as I'm dressed for it I think it's great being out in the elements.
Here's some video I took. Give you some idea of the conditions at the top!
As always, if you click on the YouTube logo you can watch the video in high quality by clicking the "Watch in high quality" link in the lower right of the video.

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