dirty camelbak

I finally got around to cleaning my camelbak.

For a long time I put only water in it because I didn't want to have to clean it.

But lately, I've been filling it with lemonade with a dash of salt in it primarily because I need the carbs and the sodium and primarily because it doesn't freeze as readily as water and primarily because it tastes good.

The problem with that is bacteria like sugar, mm-mm!

To avoid cleaning it, I've been putting it in the fridge or on the porch if it's cold enough (I'm hoping it's cold enough).

Yesterday, before my ride, I decided I had better clean it. I had bought a cleaning kit some time back and used it once.

Let me tell you it was bad! Lots of black stuff all through it. Yechhh!

Here's a video of me cleaning it. At one point you can see some of the black stuff rinsed out in the sink.

Bon appetit!

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