ride for fun

Finally got some nice weather today and took a one hour ride after work.
The temp was perfect. Just warm enough for it to feel good riding downhill in the shade.

This ride had no training goal. I just rode for the joy of it. Haven't even looked at my numbers yet.

I downloaded this ebook from roadbikerider.com called "Training for Busy Cyclists" by David Ertl, a USA Cycling coach.

It's for riders that don't have more than 5 hours a week to ride. It's right up my alley. His premise is, the less time you have to train the more intensely you have to train. No big revelation there but he does provide some guidance and workout ideas to help put this into practice. Intervals primarily. Like my "Stop Sign Game" I described in a previous post.

This will work out well for me as I have generally 3 days where I can do a 1 hour ride after work during the week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I can usually put in a 2 hour ride one day on the weekend or if not then 1 hour each of Saturday and Sunday. That leaves Tues and Thurs for rest days.

A 2 hour or more ride on the weekend would be good though, for endurance, as 1 hour rides don't give you that. They're for strength and speed.

Rides like today are considered "junk" miles as they have no training value but I consider fun to have some value of it's own. :-)

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