Today I did an anaerobic workout from David Ertl's Training for the Busy Cyclist.

I enjoyed it.

With these different types of workouts, aerobic, anaerobic and hill/leg strength, I am learning to pace myself differently depending on the workout.

Here is the program for this workout. It mimics standing and blasting out of a corner on a crit.

1) Warm up for 10 minutes
2) stand and accelerate out of the saddle. then sit and continue to accelerate for 30 sec.
3) back off for 30 sec.
4) repeat 10 of these intervals (10 minutes)
5) rest easy pedal for 5 minutes
6) repeat 2 more of the 10 minute interval segments
7) spin easy for 5 minutes

I found that I could ride hardest of all during these 30 sec intervals because of the more generous rest times.

This is pretty fun finding out the various pacing techniques for the different types of riding. Learning more about my own body directly, by experience. Different from intellectual learning.

I averaged 130 bpm heart rate and hit a max of 159, seems to be a frequent number.

Hope to get a longer, 2+ hour ride in on Sunday AM.

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  1. Melinda Says:

    Ha! I learned a new word. I had never heard the term 'crit' until I read this post, and of course I had to look it up!