MTBMan1's Low-end Product of the Month Review: the dB4LW-C w/wired cadence cyclocomputer by Filzer

For my 60th birthday my wife bought me a new cyclocomputer, the dB4LW-C with wired cadence by Filzer from the Performance Bike catalog.
I don't know what she paid for it but i see that it's going for $29.99 right now and I think I've seen it even cheaper.
The cadence function is wired but every thing else is wireless. Installation is pretty straight forward if you've done a computer before. You basically install one magnet on a spoke on the front wheel for the speedometer and a magnet on the left crank arm for the cadence. Then you install the wireless sensor and transmitter on the left fork and the wired sensor for the cadence on the left chainstay. The alignment is fussy between the magnets and the sensors as I imagine it is for all such devices. They have arrows imprinted on both for alignment as well as for the direction of rotation.
The display is clear and large enough for me to read with my weak close-up eyesight except in dim light. Most daylight is fine even on cloudy days except for the wee hours of the morning before sunrise. The topmost and largest number is the cadence. Below that, your current speed. There are basically 4 modes for viewing. Cadence and current speed show on all the modes. The differences are: 1. distance and elapsed riding time, 2. average speed and maximum speed, 3. clock and odometer and a scan mode which cycles automatically through the other 3 modes every few seconds.
One thing I didn't like with the installation was that it uses cable ties to fasten both sensors and the cadence magnet. It's hard to really tighten these ties securely and I am having a lot of trouble with the cadence magnet and/or sensor shifting around making the reading useless. Today I was spinning over 100 rpms and I saw the cadence reading jump down to 23! My old Spaulding computer uses clamps with screws which tighten down and never shift. Plus if you screw up the positioning it's easy to fix whereas with the small cable ties provided with the dB4LW-C you have to cut them and use new ones. After today's ride I have decided I'm going to either hot glue or super glue the sensors and magnets in place. With the hot glue it would be easier to change the positioning if I needed to at some point.
One other glitch I have observed: sometimes the maximum speed will read something like 68 or 77 mph! That would be nice but I DON'T THINK SO! Also, once or twice I have seen the mileage and elapsed time keep going even after I pulled the computer off the bike! This problem seems to have gone away since I reset the device when I moved it to a new bike with a new wheel circumference. I suppose I could try returning it to the manufacturer under warranty but I don't want to have to be without it for a long time. I really depend on it for my training. I work around the max speed problem by checking the item right after I've done what I know is going to be my fastest hill. It usually doesn't malfunction until sometime later in the ride. Sometimes, not at all. Really, my maximum speed is not that important except to the 10 year old in me! ;-)
Overall I am satisfied with my dB4LW-C. It works for me and I am able to live with the small glitches I mentioned. And the price is right! (Especially since it was a gift!)

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