E-Z Rider

Another beautiful Southern California day here in the Great Northeast! Just a tad chilly here in the AM ... 41 degrees but promising to warm up to 75 and sunny. I dressed just right for it anyway. I was a little bit cool at the start but warmed up nicely even though this was an easy "Healthy-heart Zone" (50-69%MHR) training ride. Tried to stay mostly in the 60-70% range. I did wear my gloves. That was a smart move. I would have held off riding until midday but I have a lunch appointment today. Tomorrow AM, I will ramp it up a bit and do 55 min in the 70-79%MHR range. Looking forward to doing 50 miles on Saturday. Need to do a short fun ride with Mrs. MTBMan1 on Saturday too. Probably after the 50. It will be a good cooldown. Sunday we are going to NH to visit my mother for mother's day. I will check with Charles to see if he is able to ride this Saturday. Sunday afternoon is usually his day.

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