Easy Training ride in Zone 2

This morning was great; dry, sunny and 48 degrees. A few windy gusts but nothing serious. Originally I had scheduled an interval workout such as what I did on Wed.; 3 sets of 10/5/5 in Zone2/3/4-5 respectively. However, I am planning on doing a 60 mile ride tomorrow so based on past experience I decided to take my own advice (for once) and take it easy the day before (today).
So I did a 45 minute ride in (mostly) zone2 with 10 minutes warm up and 10 minutes cool down for a total of 65 minutes and 14.2 miles. I wound up looping several times on a flat stretch of quiet road without stop signs or intersections and avoiding hills in order to keep my HR under Zone 3. This is the first time I've ridden the Raleigh since I got it back from the shop where I had 3 spokes replaced. No wobble now but I was not able to shift into the largest cog on the rear. Probably the derailleur got knocked out of wack when the wheel was removed and replaced. Didn't have a screw driver with me to adjust it but I was fine without the gear for this ride. Definitely need to take care of it before big ride tomorrow. I plan on riding out from the house to the Mohawk-Hudson bike path 30 miles and then back. Supposed to be even nicer tomorrow. High of 68 degrees. Perfect!

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