Long ride, Chafing and Other Observations ...

I did my "long" ride for the weekend yesterday (Saturday). Sunday is the usual day for me (and it is a much nicer day today, although I can't complain about yesterday) but we are going to the 'tivs this afternoon for a graduation party for a few of the nieces and nephews.
In keeping with my program, I am increasing my weekend ride by five miles per week. This week's ride was 60 miles and I hit it right on the nose; 60.033 miles by my computer. Once again, I rode right from my house in Delmar, 7 miles to the Corning Bike Trail in Albany, another 7 to the end of that trail, 4 miles through the streets of Watervliet, Green Island and Cohoes to the start of the Mohawk-Hudson trail, then to the 30 mile point and back. It was dry Saturday, about 68 degrees, perfect for riding. A little gloomy, with dark cloud cover and wind but it never did rain. Kind of a melancholy day actually. I did OK on this ride although I didn't feel quite as good as last week's 55 miler in the rain. Munched on Clif bars throughout and brought one bottle of Gatorade G2 in addition to my Camelbak of water for electrolyte replacement. I had plenty of energy to spare. It took me just under 4-1/2 hours at an average speed of 13 mph and change. I would say the main limiter at this point is saddle soreness and chafing. I am using $20 biking shorts with a chamois but if they sell $250 shorts there must be some difference or else people are idiots for spending that much. I had less of a problem last week. Maybe I spent more time out of the saddle earlier, I don't know. I hate to pedal out of the saddle 'cause it slows my cadence and runs my HR up. Of course, standing up on the pedals while coasting slows my cadence to zero. I have begun using Queen Helene's Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion. Maybe I should be using straight cocoa butter and bring some along on the ride too. I have also been trying out all the saddles that I have. Right now I am using the stock seat from the Trek 4100. It's a sport seat with no springs and has slightly more "give" than the stock one that came original with the Raleigh.
My calves wanted to spasm more than once on this trip; that's why I brought the G2 drink along. Thought the electrolyte replacement might help. But it's not a real problem yet. Even on the tough climbs. They will start to spasm during one particular part of the pedal stroke but the next millisecond they're OK and it's not continuous either. It'll just happen occasionally for a split second.
Foot numbness tends to be a problem. I just need to get off the bike once in awhile and walk around which I hate to do.
My problem right shoulder is great with the Raleigh. I just realized it when I rode the Ross MTB for about 10 miles later that day. My shoulder immediately started hurting with the Ross and I realized it hadn't bothered me at all while riding the Raleigh on the 60 mile. Must be the handlebars and/or the fit.
I may skip the long ride and higher intensity workouts the week before my Tour de Cure benefit ride for the American Diabetes Association (June 8th). I signed up for the 50 mile but may do the metric century (62.5 mi) instead.

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