Low GI Diet ...

I've read a lot of books on biking lately so I'm not sure where I saw this, but it was in either Cycling Past 50 by Joe Friel

or Bike for Life:How to Ride to 100 by Roy M. Wallack and Bill Katovsky

(both excellent books, BTW). Anyhow, someone mentioned that they almost exclusively eat low glycemic index foods except during riding and recovery time (up to 1/2 hour after riding). Your muscles need to use high availability carbs during an intense workout (sugar, as close to glucose as you can get) and almost immediately after as muscles are most receptive to refueling up to 1/2 hour after a hard ride. Otherwise, complete recovery may take days which means either you can't do another intense workout or race or if you keep doing this, you risk eventual burnout. So I'm trying to do this although I'm not doing very intense workouts yet. :-)
Also, I'm finding it a lot harder to break the carb habit than I thought it would be. I did Atkins for about 2 years and had no cravings for carbs during that time but I'm off that wagon now ... hard! Actually, now that I think about it, I'm doing OK at work. I'll usually bring 2 apples with lunch and use those for snacking. The real problem comes with the free food that inevitably shows up frequently on the job. Leftovers from meetings, training, lunch'n'learns, etc. I have a hard time turning free food down! You can get a list of food GI levels here.

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