What am I doing?

I am following a program I found on Roadbikerider.com. It is an e-"article" entitled "Power to the Pedals".
It's a series of off-season workouts that's supposed to prepare you for the upcoming riding season by working on your form as well as power.

I am doing 2 "hard" workouts per the program per week with some easy pedaling or cross-training activity in between.

I have been doing the 2 workouts at the gym and sometimes the other recovery days at the gym too if the weather hasn't been right for anything else.

I did get to ride one day last week on the road.

So far, the workouts have been intervals of one type or another. One was ILT or independent leg training where you work on pedaling with one leg at a time for a specified interval.

I'm trying to do downhill skiing one day a week while the season lasts. The last day we did at Stratton Mtn. in VT was not exactly a "recovery" day. The ole quads were feelin' it but oh what a good time we had.

I like to cross-country ski in between hard workouts but the snow has been lacking the last month or so. Frustrating!

Today, I got on the treadmill at the gym for 1/2 hour and then did a 1/2 hour upper body workout. I'm thinking I'll do more running as there is some concern with osteoporosis for people that do cycling exclusively for exercise. So, the impact type of exercise helps with that.

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