Strength training day and shoulder problem

I opted to do upper body strength training today. It was rainy out this AM but that really had nothing to do with it.
I have really felt the weakness in my arms and shoulders when climbing hills on the bike. I have been weak in that area all my life.

So, although it's my least favorite thing, I went to the gym and did my warm up on the stationary bike and then upper body workout.

I have this problem with my right shoulder which I didn't have all winter but resurfaced after my bike ride last Sunday with Brad and Charles.

I have to watch it when climbing that I don't put undue stress on the shoulder joint but keep it below that. Also, when mountain biking, I don't do front wheel hops properly by using the pedals but do it all with a sudden jerk of the arms. That'll do it to my shoulder too.

So now on the upper body workout I have to be careful that my right shoulder doesn't hurt. The biggest problem I have is with the bench press. I have to take it easy and maybe back off on the weight. I want to work that shoulder as much as I can but don't want to exacerbate the problem.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be good. Maybe I'll take a light spin on the bike around the neighborhood for an hour or so.

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