Road Ride

Today was my 2nd real "Road Ride" of the new year. 1 hour, 13.8 miles.
It was about 38°, bright and sunny.

Didn't worry too much about heart rate, I wasn't trying to keep it down (recovery) nor keep it at a certain level. I got up in the 150s at some point, standing in the saddle in a hard gear going up hills. It felt good but I'm feeling it a little in the calves and quads.

I might just take an easy spin tomorrow if it's not too messy. It's supposed to be freezing rain at some point.

My arms and pecs are still REALLYsore so I may lay off the upper body workout tomorrow too. Am I trying to avoid going to the gym?

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I do not like working out at the gym!
It's crowded, noisy and full of TVs! Just the opposite of what I like about cycling on back roads: it's solitary, quiet and has no electronic media.

Having said that, I'm grateful that I have it to use when the weather is absolutely impossible.

We are looking to go skiing at Butternut on Monday or Tuesday. Hope the weather doesn't screw it up. It's supposed to be warm and rainy before then.

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