"group" ride ...

i don't know, group ride implies a larger group. Maybe this was just a "buddy" ride.
Sunday, Charles, Brad and I got together for a road ride.

If you recall, Brad and I did a first ride together back in the fall up near his house right after the big ice storm. I got great pictures and video from that ride.

This is the first time Brad rode with Charles and me.

It was really a great ride. I worked pretty hard keeping up with the guys and I think I did alright although Brad smoked both of us on the hills until toward the end when he got fatigued ... he hasn't ridden since that ride last November.

As I said, I worked hard, my average HR was 139, thats almost 80% MHR for me. My average speed was only 12.9 but that's taking into account Copeland hill which is a moderately long and hard hill. I tried to keep my cadence up on the rollers especially towards the end.

I'm pleased with myself and I definitely worked harder with the group just trying to keep up plus a little friendly competition passing the other guys on occasion.

Here's the route! There's video after the route.

Here's the video!

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