recovery spin

I could have done a "real" bike ride today. It was about 38°, doable, and dry although they were predicting rain after 8.
I opted to go to the gym, though, I'm not sure why. I was thinking about watching a movie on the AMC channel which is on the TV near the bikes. Usually, they have a good western or some action movie which can be engaging although I can't really pay attention to it when I'm trying to do intervals. "Great White Hope" was on. Kind of a depressing movie.

I should have ridden outside. When I left the gym at 9 it was really warm and partly sunny. Would have been a great ride.

Watching TV is really a terrible reason to go to the gym. Don't let me do that again!

I felt good about the spin. Kept up a high cadence and tried to maintain good pedaling form throughout. My average cadence was 92 and I was frequently over 100.

My quads are not hurting like I thought they would be from yesterdays intervals. Sometimes I feel them more on the 2nd day after a hard workout. I do want to work hard enough to be sore. See what happens tomorrow.

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