I don't like the wind!

Strangely I am not sore after yesterday's upper body workout. I worked fairly hard although not as hard as I could have because of my right shoulder and not as completely as I wanted to because of time restraints.

I guess the extreme soreness that I had experienced was because I hadn't worked those muscles in a long time at all.

Today I rode outside for 1 hour, 30 minutes out and back. It was still a bit chilly but not terrible, 32°, but there was a bit of a wind. It wasn't much but I guess because of the temperature it seemed particularly annoying.

I don't mind cold, I don't mind rain and snow but there's something about the wind I just don't like.

It is an OPPONENT, almost like it has a will and it is relentless, merciless. It doesn't get tired (but I do!)

My intention was an easy ride, I averaged a heart rate of 123, that's just about 70%MHR for me. Tuesday, I intend to do my interval workout from "Power to the Pedals" at the gym. Might get another "easy" ride in tomorrow. Sunday I won't get to ride 'cause we are going to the rels.

Here's the route:

Here's a little video (before my batteries died):

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