Great Day Skiing at Butternut!

Went skiing at Butternut in the Massachusetts Berkshires on Tuesday. The best day in between 2 really crappy ones.
Got on the hill about 9:30 and it was pretty good.
The grooming held up for a couple of hours and there weren't too many people out.
I was really pleased with our skill level. I think we're ready for the black diamonds if the conditions are good.
Knocked off about 1:30 cause it just got too slushy.
One funny moment on our last run: I cut across what I thought was a patch of ice (why would it be ice, it was 50°? ... duh) but was really wet slush. Instead of flying across ice I stopped dead and clicked out of the bindings with both feet. Wish we had video of that. Good thing I wasn't going too fast!
Here's a quick video of the day starting with a ride on the triple:

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