I know I won't lose much weight skiing ...

... but the endorphin flood has got to be good for you! :-)

I mean it's not like it's a huge aerobic, fat-burning-zone activity.

Plus you are sitting in a lift chair for 5 to 10 minutes between runs.

But you do get high from the speed, the centrifugal force and the rhythmic, twisting and turning, bobbing and weaving. I certainly was beaming after each great run and later in the evening as I was just sitting in a chair, I felt that great somatic buzz in my quads just radiating out to my whole body. Still high! And it's good for you too!

It's a stress reliever for sure and I don't think anyone would argue that stress is a major contributing factor for illness. That's one reason the old canard "Laughter is the best medicine" is literally true.

Anyhow, we went skiing yesterday at Butternut.

I mentioned in a previous post that our last time at Butternut was the best of my 3 year skiing career but yesterday was the new best!

We really beat up the mountain.

I feel like I'm really skiing now. Why? Because rather than approaching steep runs with some caution and trepidation, I am seeking them out and going faster and faster while still able to work on keeping a good form and rhythm.

I'm not jumping or getting air but I am enjoying the feeling of loft, a weightless sub-second moment when going over a hump (that's between a hill and a bump, I guess) at speed. Sweet!

And Mrs. MTBMan1 and I had a lot of laughs; over our "senior moments", getting so absorbed in the skiing that we missed our pre-planned routes and over our aches and pains yet still drawn to do "one more run" because of the high of it. A true definition of addiction, eh?

We were hoping to run into brother-in-law Mike and nephew Jeremiah as they have season passes and ski Butternut 4 days a week but they were not around. We did however ride the lift with Mike's friend Chuck who is over 80 and still skis every week during the season. Something to aspire to, no?

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