Independent Leg Training

Today's workout was at the gym (baby it's cold outside!).
I am following "Power to the Pedals" from and twice a week I do a hard training workout from the program.

Today was Week 3 workout 1: ILT(that's Independent Leg Training) and Seated Sprints.

I did 5 sets of 1 minute each with each leg. You detach one foot at a time from the toe clips and pedal with the other leg exclusively. The idea is to train your legs to form smooth circles when you pedal, evenly exerting force all around the rotation.

Today I found that my left leg is much weaker than my right. I was supposed to try to maintain a cadence of 90 and while that was easy with my right side, I gave up on my left after 4 sets.

After doing the intervals you are supposed to fill out the hour with easy spinning but I only had 45 minutes this time.

One more hard session and then comes a recovery week!

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