garage sale day

Today was the big garage sale. Charles called me in the AM to see if I was game for a bike ride but I was committed. Maybe tomorrow AM before church.
It was hot, 86 degrees. I did get some exercise doing the garage sale, carrying things up and down the stairs and out to the curb at the end. My body is sure feeling it although it wasn't what you'd call a "workout", I suppose.
I started my 10 day food log today and I think I tracked things pretty well considering the non-typical day and the fact that we got Indian take-out for dinner.
Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny in the morning but then possible violent thunderstorms in the afternoon. I believe it, considering the unseasonable heat and humidity. When it breaks, I would expect it to be violent.
Anyway, it looks hopeful for a 1-1/2 - 2 hour ride tomorrow morning.
Oops, that means I'd better pull the old Raleigh out of the cellar before it gets dark.
Catch you later!

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