No workout today plus pain event

No bike ride or gym for today. Tuesday is a get home late from work day and then I have a meeting after supper. Plus today after work I stopped off at Auto Zone to get a jumper battery to jump start daughter's car which has been sitting with a dead battery for awhile. No time!

I am dealing with a shoulder pain "event" today. I think it happened yesterday when I was trying to open our old and recalcitrant sash style windows. It's on the top part of the right shoulder as before but this time more toward the front. It's a sharp pain and I can't identify any particular movement or position that causes it nor is it predictable. I've been on guard for it all day. It has ameliorated somewhat as the day has progressed.

I've REALLY got to build up those muscles. I can't go the rest of my life "favoring" that arm and shoulder. It's only going to get worse. Even if I can't get to the gym I've got plenty of stretches and exercises that I can do right here at home.

So, instead of writing more I'm going to do them right now before bed.


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