So Many Thoughts ...

So many thoughts during the day ... now ... phhhhttt! gone!

Let's see, I did get a ride in this afternoon. Oh yeah. What a perfect day it turned out. The humidity is gone and it was about 70 degrees. It was very windy. I had a terrific head wind on Meads Lane, a relatively straight road, wide open on the west all the way out to the Helderberg escarpment so when it's windy, it's really windy.

Now I remember. I was going to title this entry "Frustrated". It was a frustrating day (I let it get to me). I work in technology and while I love a challenge and learning new things, I hate stupid, unnecessary stuff. Like buggy software that has problems that come and go.

I had planned on going to the gym after work because it had been raining and there was heat, humidity and thunderstorms predicted. But by quitting time, it had dried out and cooled down nicely so a real bike ride was just the ticket to relieve some stress and forget about the day behind.

I did my usual 1 hour loop which I call "Dunkin' Donut" because it is a loop with a little spur on it where I go out to the railroad tracks and back. Here it is:
I turn around at the railroad tracks so I won't get stuck on the other side coming back if a train comes. It's almost 14 miles.

I did a moderate ride rather than a recovery because I was not sore at all from the ride yesterday with Charles. I'm surprised at that. Maybe tomorrow. :-)

So usually that head wind would have annoyed me, I generally don't like windy rides, but it was so nice otherwise I didn't mind. I just treated it like one long hill.

Have a little problem with the top of my right shoulder again today. I was planning on canceling my last physical therapy appointment because I was doing so well. Maybe I'll keep it. I'm going to press them about what I can do about this and/or what's the prognosis for it. They're just having me do the neck traction and some exercises while I'm there and haven't said anything about what I can do after the course of treatment is over. I suspect it's just keep doing the exercises and stretches. I also have the Rick Olderman book to work through.

Life is just full of stuff, isn't it?

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