I'm an addict!

I said yesterday that I definitely needed to give my butt a break and maybe just take a walk and go to the gym to do an upper body workout.


I went for a bike ride. :-)

Especially when the weather is this gorgeous I just can't not do a bike ride. But seriously, I really need to work on these arms!

Yesterday was a real recovery ride but today I hit it moderately. Only 2 or 3 sprints and then just rode how I felt. Which was pretty good.

My average speed was 15mph which I was surprised at 'cause I wasn't really trying for speed particularly. I'm happy about that. I hope my computer is OK. It never agrees with the GPS app on the BlackBerry. The GPS always shorts me as to mileage and speed. Actually I know the GPS is wrong at a couple of spots. My highest speed on this loop ALWAYS is the end of Van Dyke where there is a dip down then up and I usually slam it to see how fast I can go. I didn't do that today but I did hunker down onto the drops to get the aerodynamic effect and I still got 34 mph out of it. My all time best on that dip is 38 mph and change. One time the computer showed 44 but I know that was a malfunction!

The GPS showed other spots as my high speed that weren't even downhills. Uh-uh. But I'm still happy with EveryTrail GPS because it automatically maps my route. Fun and a real time saver.

Tomorrow I will definitely take off because it is my late day coming home from work and I don't have time to ride.

I can live with that.

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  1. Melinda Says:

    If you are going to have an addiction that's a good one to have!