Still not sore!

Well it's just the day after a hard ride and I AM "feeling" it but definitely not sore. Maybe tomorrow, if not, I'll hit it hard again! I'll try even harder. When I rode yesterday I thought I hit it pretty hard. At least it was as hard as I wanted to do it. They say if you really want to go all out as in trying to confirm your maximum heart rate, you need somebody whipping you on because you won't work hard enough on your own. It's not that you can't it's just that it hurts so bad!

Nevertheless, I attempted a recovery ride today after work and after my last physical therapy visit (I hope). The goal was to keep my heart rate and effort as low as possible while trying to keep my cadence up. I wanted to get my average RPMs up to 80 or above but it turned out to be 76. I guess while I do want to increase my cadence, the priority right now on recovery rides is just to keep turning the pedals while keeping my effort as low as possible.

The temperature today was actually a bit chilly. I think if I had just covered my arms I would have been ok. It was windy and the sound of the wind in the trees was kind of threatening. But it was dry. I don't usually ride in the evening. It felt kind of melancholy. The sun going down, wind in the trees, cool temp.

I also find the recovery rides hard because I don't get out of my seat as much. If I do, and keep pedaling, my heart rate goes up too much and my cadence goes down. So sometimes I just have to get my butt off the saddle and not pedal just to give it a break.

I wore my heart rate monitor on my wrist today and it gave me no problems. I guess it's just too lonely on the handelbars.

This has really been a wonderful week weatherwise; clear, dry and cool but not cold. Soon it will be hot and humid, but for now, it doesn't get much better that this around these parts.

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