I like to eat

As I said earlier this week, I don't expect to get any workout in this week, ride, gym or otherwise, because of other commitments, mostly work related. However, unexpectedly, I was able to get a ride in on Monday. Yesterday was work late and then a meeting and today was a seminar 2 hours away that got me home too late for any exercise.

I did get a little hang time with a buddy of mine tonight and I told him about my frustrations with losing weight and he made some suggestions that he said worked for him in the past. It mostly involved munching on veggies for snacks and eating lots of salads. Big ones if necessary. I'll give it a try, maybe. The issue of course, is breaking a habit and/or replacing it with a better one. In this case snacking on veggies instead of cheese 'n' crackers. Good stuff vs. bad stuff. Getting to prefer the good stuff over the bad stuff. They say changing a habit takes about 21 days. Not sure where they got this number or who "they" are.

I know one thing, though.

I like to eat.

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