I still like to bike

Sometimes I get bummed about not having a job or money. I mean, I do have money it's just that without a job I have to watch every penny (yeah, I know, you fiscal conservatives will tell me I should always watch every penny). When things start breaking, I have to agonize over whether I can really afford to get it fixed or get a new one. Of course I'm talking about my bike right now but the air conditioner is making noise (or I'm just paranoid) and the Camry is overdue for a lube and filter and needs the snow tires switched out.
I bought a new rear wheel for the Raleigh to replace the one that keeps breaking spokes. I thought I had the right tool to remove the cogs but apparently I don't and the Raleigh is so old that I can't even find info on the web as to what tools I might need. Have to wait until Wednesday and have Matt at Mad Dog either sell me the tool or do it for me. Bigdave suggested that I get a more modern bike rather than continue to pour money into an old obsolete one. I heartily concur but there's just no way I can justify that right now.
Anyhow, the point of this post is that as bummed as I am about being unemployed and other issues, I'm still excited about being a cyclist. I rode the Ross MTB today cause the Raleigh is indisposed, an easy 18 miles through some rollers. I was a little cranky because of the heat and I'm fiddling with my helmet mirror trying to get the alignment right but it was still good to be riding again after a break on Monday. I am glad to have done the 100K for the Tour de Cure on Sunday and I'm glad to back in training for the 75 miler later this month for Love146. At the end of Tour de Cure I was so relieved to get off the bike but now after a day of recovery I am happy that I accomplished that milestone and am psyched about doing the next one. Only another 11 miles. Even if it's hot and humid I can stop and rest and drink more often. Who cares if it takes me an hour longer to finish as long as I finish.
The bottom line is, I still like to bike!

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