Hip, hip, HOORAY! ....... NOT!

My right hip started bothering me yesterday. A sudden but momentary sharp pain in the front of the hip and I lose all strength there for a millisecond. Pinched nerve? The pain is not that bad but it's like the wires have been cut. I have to immediately take all the weight off that side or I'll go down. Like I said it's for less than a second. I rode the bike for 2 hours today. An easy, slow ride just under 25 miles. A few hills. Really enjoyed it. Another beautiful So Cali day (in the northeast), ho hum. My hip did bother me a bit but it was manageable. If I concentrated on good technique it seemed ok. Don't know exactly what kind of position or movement causes it but I was OK when using the heels down, butt back, back straight form that I have started to employ. Also, pedaling out of the saddle was mostly OK. My right shoulder bothered me a bit on this ride. I remarked to my wife just the other day that the shoulder hasn't been bothering me on the road bike but only on the Ross MTB. Guess I'll have to pay a little more attention to it next time out. Maybe with more time out of the saddle, I'm pulling up on the handlebars more. Have to consciously relax the arms and shoulders when doing that. I only did 12.6 mph average speed on this ride. I am trying to take it easy this week in preparation for the Tour de Cure 100K on Sunday.

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