70 mile ride

Yesterday I did my "long" ride. I usually do it on the weekend but I thought Friday would be preferable since we are going to the in-laws for father's day on Sunday and Saturday we have a church picnic at about 4 and I didn't want to be hurried on the ride to have to get back for anything. It turned out to be the better day weatherwise as the temperature and humidity were reasonable. Today is more humid and there are thunderstorms going through.
I found this route on mapmyride.com and was apparently developed by the Mohawk-Hudson Cycling Club here in the area. It starts in my town just to the west of Albany and travels through all of what we call the "hill towns" in the Helderbergs, a hilly plateau just to the west. I don't think there is anything called a mountain there. This route avoids the Helderberg escarpment which contains the really leg busting hills. There is about 1600 feet of climbing.
I started out with my 50 oz Camelbak full and one bottle of water. I finished the bottle by Altamont, the last town I would be going through for many miles and bought a Gatorade G2 and an energy bar at a convenience store. Most of the climbing started after this point as I went up into the hills.
My biggest concern on this ride was running out of fluids as it was my first time on this particular route and I didn't know when I would be passing any stores past Altamont, if at all.
I was determined to have more fun on this ride than last Sunday's at the Tour de Cure by taking more frequent stops as needed. As it worked out, I stopped quite frequently just to check out my cue sheet plus I actually stopped and sat down for lunch and to call my wife to let her know I was OK. That's why I wanted to have plenty of time with no commitment to get back for. It worked out pretty well. I forgot to bring a camera as usual and it was too bad. There was lots of gorgeous scenery, views of the Catskills, Schoharie valley, etc.
As to fluids, I finally came to a town that had a deli and got a Snickers and another 2 bottles of G2 so I was set for the rest of the ride.
I did pretty well on this ride physically. I felt my knees a little bit from time to time but nothing that I couldn't manage by changing position or pedaling style. Just a passing tweak. As to the excruciating pain in my toes that I experienced on last week's 100K, I didn't get that until the last 10 miles probably because I stopped so often to check the cue sheet. It didn't get as bad as last week so I just kept going till the end anyway.
So the distance doesn't bother me but I am concerned about the heat. In 2 weeks I am scheduled to ride 75 miles in the Ride4Love. If it is really hot and humid I am contemplating backing off to the 50 or maybe even the 30. I don't know how well supported this ride is going to be as it is a first time effort for them. I'm the kind of person who hates to back off from a commitment but I don't want to blow up as I am 60 and currently have no medical insurance. Something I've been thinking about.
Anyhoo, here are the stats: Total riding time about 5-1/2 hours. Add 1 hr 15 min off the bike. Average HR 125 bpm that's about 72%MHR for me. Calories burned 2,898.
Here's the route:

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