Zone 2 workout

Today was a 45 minutes in heart zone 2 (60-70%MHR) day. At this time of year I'm always excited to be able to get outside on a real bike. It was a little cool but clear, about 27 degrees. OK for a one hour ride. Mostly my toes get cold during the 5 to 10 minutes or so of cooldown at the end of the ride even though I have toe covers and my ski socks. I'd like to try SmartWool socks for this. I might buy some for Sunday as it's supposed to be cold and I want to do a 20 mile ride.
Anyhow, I feel high from the ride even though zone 3 is supposed to be the endorphin zone! :-)
Can't wait for my ride tomorrow. That's a 15 zone2-15 zone3-15 zone 2 workout. Hope I can do it on the real bike. It might rain in the AM.

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