Getting up to the next level

This week I started a new level on my training plan. What I am doing is working with the training plan from the book that came with my heart monitor. The first few weeks I was working out exclusively in zone 2 (60-70% MHR) where I would start at 20 minutes in the zone and increase by 5 minutes each week until I was doing 45 minutes in zone 2. This week I have moved up to 15 minutes in zone 2, 15 minutes in zone 3(70-80%MHR) and then 15 minutes back in zone 2 plus warmup and cooldown at the beginning and end respectively. Today was my first day doing this workout and I was very pleased with how it went. Everything felt great. Knees didn't hurt. Seat didn't hurt or chafe. It was all very doable and I didn't feel I was pushing my limits on anything. The Zone 3 workout was fairly easy and when I went back to the last 15 minutes in zone2 it was actually difficult to keep it under 70%MHR. I increased my cadence target from 80 to 90 too and I found that easy and natural. Overall I'm very happy with my progress. By the way, the plan was put together by Sally Edwards who coauthored the Heart Rate Cycling books with Sally Reed.

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