Brutal ride revisited ...

Now that I look at it, the elevation of that river ride is more than I thought initially by just a cursory look at the elevation plot. I think the 10 miles of steady climb, combined with the headwind and my lack of pacing, is what did me in. It goes from an elevation of 46 ft near the river to 655 ft. over a 10 mile stretch, pretty much due west which is where the headwind was coming from. My 25 mile ride, on the other hand goes from 210 ft. to 541 ft. and it's pretty much up and down over a series of mostly short climbs. Visually, the elevation plot of the 30 miler looked easier but when I dig down into the numbers a bit, I can see where it took it's toll.
Now I just hope I can recover enough in one day to enjoy skiing on Monday! :-)

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