My Fitness Philosphy

I think these concepts are found here and there in this blog but I've never put them down succinctly in one place at one time.

Or if I have, it's good to reiterate them.

Keep in mind, I'm talking to older folks who haven't been too active for several years that are interested in improving their fitness.

Here goes.

1) Get your doctor's OK.
If you're over 50 (or 40 for that matter) get your doctor's OK to begin an exercise program or any new activity that involves exertion.
That means, if you haven't had a complete physical for a couple of years, get one.

2) Have Fun!
Find something that's fun to do. If you have no idea, just start trying a bunch of things. Maybe check out the magazine rack at the drugstore and see what looks interesting. Ask your friends what they do and ask if you can tag along. Do an internet search for exercise, sports, whatever.

3) Take it easy!
Always start out carefully especially if you've been sedentary for awhile. Try to tune in to your body. If it hurts when you do something, don't do it! Or ease off. Don't think you should always push through pain. Some discomfort is necessary to grow your muscles but pain may be an indicator that you're stressing joints or tendons in a way that may cause injury.

4) If something is chronically hurting check with your doctor and maybe get to a physical therapist.

5) Cross-train.
Try to find several activities that you can alternate. This will help to prevent injuries as well as boredom.

6) Try to move every day!
If you can't do a strenuous activity on a particular day, at least walk a bit, do yard work or something to keep your joints working and your blood flowing.

7) Eat right!
Again check with your doctor if you have a medical condition but in general eat lots of vegetables and don't eat any high-glycemic index carbs like sugar or processed flour except during and within 1 hour of strenuous, calorie burning activity.

I guess that's more or less it.

Now if only I can follow this myself! ;-)

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