First Bluebird Day of the Season!

Alternate titles: "Motivation", "weight times gravity=work", "Ahm plum wore out!"


Today was a ski day at Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks of New York.

Warm, blue sky, soft snow, uncrowded. It couldn't get much better. Definitely a "10"!

Plus, free tickets that Mrs. MTBMan1 won at the ski expo! Oh, yeah! Victory dance!

For the first couple of runs, we took the "Face Lift" lift half way up the mountain and ran greens all the way down to warm up.

Then we took the Summit Quad up to the breathtaking top. The views all over this mountain were fantastic.

I'm kind of bonkers over my camera. Somehow it got set to manual so all the vistas and snow scenes are pretty washed out.

We took an intermediate trail "Paron's Run" and then a connector over to Lower Cloudspin where I had a little trouble with the "steep and bumpies".

But overall the snow was great and it was a great run.

But boy was I tired!

Mrs. MTBMan1 and I discussed it and decided it must be because I overdid it x-c skiing on Saturday. I think other factors may have been overheating (I was overdressed), lack of water and not enough carb intake. Not to mention that I'm overweight and out of shape! :-)

Skiing is all about working with gravity. Weight times gravity=work and the more weight, the more work!

After lunch we did an intermediate called "the Wilmington Trail". We wanted to check this out because it looked interesting. It is a long trail on Lookout Mountain that runs the entire length of the mountain. The views were great here too. But this run, our last of the day, was my undoing.

It starts out innocently enough but has at least 4 steep, narrow sections with curves and the snow was starting to get pretty crudded up by this time. I've been doing much better skiing crud but I was just so darn tired!

We made it through OK with lots of rest stops and a couple of low speed bails. :-)

But that was it for both of us for the day.

All in all I'd say it was a great day.

However I am motivated to work on my weight and fitness even more. After all, it was 4 years ago when I first started to ski that it motivated me to get serious about getting in shape. That's why I started cycling which has become an enthusiasm of it's own.

Here are the pics from the day. Again, I apologize for the quality. I tried to fix them up a little in Picassa but you can only do so much.

Check out that blue sky!

From 2010_03_02 WhiteFace

The Lift Line
From 2010_03_02 WhiteFace

View from the top of Summit Quad
From 2010_03_02 WhiteFace

Another view from the top
From 2010_03_02 WhiteFace

And yet another
From 2010_03_02 WhiteFace

And another
From 2010_03_02 WhiteFace

View down Upper Cloudspin
From 2010_03_02 WhiteFace

Yours Truly!
From 2010_03_02 WhiteFace

Can't wait until I'm 70. I can ski Whiteface for free!

Next up ... Catamount, right on the NY/MA border. Tues. March 16th. $25 lift tickets.

Pray for snow!

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